What sort of people do you help?

There are two types of diseases and conditions.

1. Transmissible diseases and conditions are ones that we “catch”.
We get transmissible diseases from:

other people – for example flu, measles or whooping cough

animals – for example malaria or bubonic plague

contaminated things we touch or eat – for example gastro-enteritis, legenella (Legionnaires’ Disease) or norovirus

2. Non-communicable diseases and conditions (NCD&Cs) are ones that we “get” – but don’t “catch”


So they’re things like
lower back, or other long-term pain
Type 2 diabetes
heart disease
recurring anxiousness
too much stress
and a feeling that we are flawed or not really worth much



Sometimes the reason we get NCD&Cs is because of the genes we inherited – for example Parkinson’s, Down’s Syndrome or genetic blood disorders such as sickle-cell disease.

Sometimes the reason we get NCD&Cs is because of our behaviour – we are doing something which is bad for us – or we are not doing something that is good for us.

So, for example, more people who smoke, or live in places with high levels of pollution, get lung cancer than people who don’t.

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Sometimes the reason we get NCD&Cs is because of both. So Type 2 Diabetes is often down to our behaviours – but, in addition, some people will get the disease earlier in life and it can, therefore, be much more serious. This applies to people with south Asian and sub-Saharan ancestry, who often get Type 2 diabetes on their 20s, whilst, globally, it is more common to get the disease in our 40s and 50s.

People often become ill when they are doing something, or not doing something, that would help them be healthier.

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