Stress in pregnancy

Stress in pregnancy is a modern challenge that requires specialist treatment. Stress hormones in the body can cause long-lasting developmental effects for our unborn child.

supportive specialist clinics

We have a hugely supportive specialist clinics – and we have been doing this for well over a decade – to reduce the sort of stress that increases the production of cortisol by expectant women.

pregnancy to be a safe, happy time

We all hope for pregnancy to be a safe, happy time, but life still throws us curve-balls and hassles.

A certain amount of stress is very normal

for us to experience, but when that stress becomes too much, it’s really important to take action and to manage stress levels during pregnancy.

high levels of stress

When a woman experiences high levels of stress, or continuous lower levels, studies show that the child, once born, is likely to be less content and more fractious from birth and are less able to cope with stress right into adulthood.

This is because the stress hormone, cortisol, is not stopped at the placenta – so an unborn child receives the same levels of cortisol as her or his mother.

Stress in Pregnancy

The Stress in Pregnancy programme and our clinics (online and face-to-face) work with both bio-medicine, to measure levels of stress hormones, and evidence-based methods to reduce and manage stress.


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Stress in pregnancy

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Stress in pregnancy

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