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Our ELK-Health online clinics

are for those of us who feel that we would either benefit from one-to-one support or prefer to undertake behavioural change within a small group of people achieving the same thing.
Many people join online groups to provide additional support to their programme (which deliver care via apps and games).

around the globe

Our online clinics are available around the globe and are all run by fully qualified health professionals.

We currently have, or are about to have, physical clinics in

Alderney, Channel Islands

Auckland, New Zealand

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Edinburgh, Scotland

Gadag, Karnataka, India

Guernsey, Channel Islands

Jersey, Channel Islands

Leighton-Linslade, England

London, England

Melbourne, Australia

Shanghai, Peoples’ Republic of China

Lund, Sweden

Nationalla instituten för stress, ångest och Depression (NISAD), Medicon Village, SE-223 81, Lund, Sweden.


Dudalk, Ireland

National Institutes for Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Creative Spark, Clontygora Drive, Muirhevnamour, Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland A91 HF77

and VIRTUAL CLINICS available to anyone, anywhere.

Anteros Online Clinic

Creating more meaningful social bonds and relationships in our lives.

Anxiety Online Clinic

Alleviating the distress of anxiety so we feel we can cope again.

Body-fat Management Online Clinic

Size is not about weight. Throw away your scales! The revolutionary NoWeigh programme.

Depression Online Clinic

Depression can rob us of all hope. Let’s take our lives back.

Memory Online Clinic

We can become worried about our memory for many different reasons. There are things we can do.

Personal Relationships Online Clinic

Conflict? Drama? Difficulty? Navigating the way to more harmonious relationships.

Work Relationships Online Clinic

We have three decades of experience helping people feel happier in their workplace.

Sleep Online Clinic

Sometimes the quality of our sleep can cause us concern. Let’s get a better night’s sleep.

Stress Online Clinic

Feelling too much pressure? We can learn to skilfully manage our stress.

Stress in Pregnancy Online Clinic

Stress or anxiety in pregnancy can have long-term affects on the child. Let’s combat this serious threat to child development.

Type 2 Diabetes Online Clinic

Type 2 diabetes is fully reversible. Let’s make this happen!

Work Relationships for Legals Online Clinic