Are you, or your family,
affected by airborne pollution?

There are two ways that we are affected by airborne pollutants.

1. Things we do to ourselves – like smoking or vaping.

2. Breathing air that is carrying particles that harm us.

We can help

you discover how to reduce the effects airborne pollutants have on you.

how to reduce the effects airborne pollutants have on you?

Airborne pollution shortens the lives of people who have to live with it. But its effects can be reduced by strategising ways of reducing the damage it does to our children, our relatives and ourselves.

To do this, we need to know what harm is currently being done to ourselves.

NISAD’s ELK-Health Pollution Strategy

There are plenty of devices that measure the amount of pollution in the air – but NISAD’s ELK-Health Pollution Strategy measures the amount of harm being experienced by each individual person – and then works out ways that reduce the damage.

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The latest research and the work we're doing

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