We are the National Institutes for
Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
We operate globally – either through the internet or with physical clinics and workshops, but are centred on Lund, in Sweden.

We don’t just research and create new ways to support people

with too much stress, or anxiety, or depression.

We know (because we see it every day) that being susceptible to these conditions means having difficulty changing behaviours which, often, are a major cause of them.

So what we are is:

“Experts at helping people change the behaviours they have that make them less well than they should be.”

We think people who need help in order to change what they do and don’t do are precious and just need gentle, strong, reliable support.

Examples of the behaviours people have that often need our help are:

Being unhappy for no apparent reason

Feeling isolated

Eating more than we think we should

Drinking more than we think we should

Worrying more than we think we should

Feeling that we can’t cope

Feeling overwhelmed

We are revolutionaries fighting for better emotional health

Globally. Locally. Affordably.
Join the revolution!


Alleviating the distress of anxiety so we feel we can cope again.

Health challenges are like buses -often more than one comes along at once

We look at the whole story. Why do we study what we study?

BFM - Body Fat Management

Size is not about weight. Throw away the scales! The revolutionary NoWeigh programme.

Story-led therapy

Humans have always told stories to pass on learning. With this approach, we can find learning new skills easier.


Depression can rob us of all hope. Let's take our lives back.


Feeling too much pressure? We can learn to skilfully manage our stress.

The story of Erik the elk

Erik is the star of a lot of our animations. Find out about Erik's story and ELK-Health.

Our revolutionary clinics and programmes

We don't just work with stress, anxiety, depression and body-fat. Find out about all our clinics and programmes.

Our locations

Across the globe in our online clinics. Find out more about our face-to-face clinics.

Hear from our community

Don't just take our word for it - hear what our programme users and people who work with us have to say.

The latest research and the work we're doing

The latest research and the work we're doing

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